About Us

Hydra Light International Limited (“Hydra Light”) the pioneer in research and development of magnesium air fuel cell technology.

After over five years of product research and development, Hydra Light has developed the award winning HydraCell fuel cell and associated line of hand-held light and power products.

The HydraCell evolved from our search for portable, safe and ecologically friendly alternatives to conventional batteries. With our patented (*) water-activated Hydra-Cell, Hydra Light’s lanterns, torches and chargers offer longevity of shelf life, extended usage times, lower operational costs and operate (and are disposed of) without toxic emissions.

Our continuing goal is to ensure that every person, including those living in energy poverty, has access to affordable light and hand-held power, for individual safety, personal wellbeing and improved quality of life. And, for the preservation of our planet Earth.

Hydra Light operates from its Melbourne head office, and has offices in the Philippines (R&D team) and in China (production factories) and has an active business development resources in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America.

(*) Global patent granted under The Patent Cooperation Treaty and being rolled-out across all the major counties and regions globally. Trademark has been registered and lodged in multiple countries and continues to be rolled out.