HYDRACELL BEACON – Hydracell Power


Product details


  • 3 bright long-life LEDs
  • Compact area lighting
  • DC output for accessory light
  • Rugged, reliable, long lasting
  • Powered by 1 HydraCell fuel cells

The Beacon is a revolutionary LED lantern & charger powered by our proprietary HydraCell fuel cell. Three bright long-life LED provides light to illuminate small rooms, camping areas or any place where bright light is needed away from wired electrical grids. The Beacon also has a single 2.6 mm DC out port for powering small DC lights & devices. The replaceable HydraCell fuel cell can be stored prior to first use for 25+ years and is activated instantly to full capacity simply by dipping in water. Once activated the cell will operate continuously under load, requiring only periodic re-hydration. After 300+ hours, depending on load & usage, a new or refurbished HydraCell fuel cell immediately restores the Beacon to a like-new condition. Can be used as the base for the UT Power Pack and Downlight models.

  • HydraCell Fuel Cell: 1 x HC2D
  • Dimensions: 239x75mm diam
  • Weight: 221 grams

Easy To Use: With a dip in water, HydraCells will produce power for 100 hours or more.

  1. DIP – HydraCell in any water for 10-15 seconds
  2. SHAKE – Excess water outPower: Insert into compatible product(s).
  3. POWER – Insert HydraCell
Step One: Dip The Cell
Step Two: Shake The Cell
Step Three: Insert Into Device