Product details


  • 3 bright long-life LEDs
  • Hang for downward lighting
  • DC output for accessory light
  • Rugged, reliable, long lasting
  • Powered by 1 HydraCell fuel cells

The Downlight is a revolutionary LED hanging lantern powered by our proprietary HydraCell fuel cell. Three bright, long-life LEDs provide down facing light to illuminate desks, discreet areas or any places where bright directional light is needed away from wired electrical grids. The replaceable HydraCell fuel cells can be stored prior to first use for 25+ years and is activated instantly to full capacity simply by dipping in water. Once activated the cell will operate continuously under load, requiring only periodic re-hydration. After 300+ hours, depending on load and usage, an inexpensive new or refurbished HydraCell fuel cell immediately restores the Downlight to a like-new condition.

  • HydraCell Fuel Cell: 1 x HC2D
  • Dimensions: 239 x 75 mm diam
  • Weight: 183 grams
Easy To Use: With a dip in water, HydraCells will produce power for 100 hours or more.

  1. DIP – HydraCell in any water for 10-15 seconds
  2. SHAKE – Excess water outPower: Insert into compatible product(s).
  3. POWER – Insert HydraCell
Step One: Dip The Cell
Step Two: Shake The Cell
Step Three: Insert Into Device